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Exercises for hip and glute strength and stability

One thing I am very passionate about is hip and glute stability or pelvic stability – and that is for ALL my clients – PT clients, Runners. Women, Men, Mumma’s and rehab clients.

Yes, strong core strength is important but if the base isn’t stable then your foundation isn’t strong.

All of my client programs include stability work, whether they realise it or not. The exercises are simple and effective. Easy to do at home and incorporate into every training routine. They are also designed to transfer to your actual sport or to be specific to the reason you are needing to include them.

Here are a few of my favourites! Check out the clip for my explanation and demo and all you need is a mini band (available from Kmart, rebel sport or online).

#Note: this collection of exercises is generalised. Please check in with your health care professional, or me if you have more specific requirements!

· Glute bridges/ Hip raises – Double leg, single leg, mini bands, weighted, bench elevated. There are so many options. The most basic and easy to add in to your program however is the single leg hip raise.

· Four point donkey – so very Jane Fonda but so very effective. Feel those glutes work!

· Four point bird dog – If this is easy then you are 100% doing it wrong. No matter your level of athletic prowess you can make this exercise effective by concentrating hard on what you are doing and working to minimise lateral (side to side) movement.

· Clam – THE exercise to work the piriformis muscle. This is an exercise that is a small movement but a big amount of response. The ultimate for glute and hip stability.

· Band squats – Using a mini band just below your knees is an excellent tool to get the glute stabilisers firing. It is a simple, yet super valuable tool. You can use it with body weight squats, right up to heavy bar loaded box squats for added feedback and stimuli.

· Curtsey squats – You likely wont feel this today, but it will be hello butt tomorrow!! Enjoy!

· Lateral band walks – Get that core on, your hips square and imagine you have a book or class of water balanced on your head. If you have space travel 5-15 steps each way. No space, make it two steps each way!

· Step ups – A totally under valued exercise, but another that gets the entire pelvis working. Be sure to check the knee is lined up with the second toe because if the knee drops in then the stabilising muscles don’t need to turn on!

Video Instructions coming soon!


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