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Exercise Physiology

As an Accredited Exercise Physiologist (AEP) I have worked with an incredibly broad range of patients to design and deliver safe and effective exercise interventions.


These have included people with acute and chronic medical conditions, injuries and disabilities. My aim as an AEP is to help clients learn how to manage, their injury and work towards restoring one's optimal physical function, health and wellness. 


These interventions will be exercise-based and include health and physical activity education, advice and support as well as lifestyle and behavioural modification. 

Services delivered by an AEP may be claimable under compensable schemes such as Medicare, private health insurers, and the NDIS.

Prices as follows:

Initial Appointments - $120 +gst (75min duration)

Review or follow up session - $90 +gst (45min duration)

Discount available for 5 & 10 session packages.

*For all 2024 training enquiries, please email us with a bit about yourself and what you are after. Space is limited but there are several options that may suit.


Contact us via and we will reply within 3 working days.

Learn more about an AEP via the World Health Organisation (WHO) video below.

FWY 2024 Winter class

Training Options Available 

One thing I have learnt over the years is that not everyone loves to exercise! What it does for me, isn’t the same for everyone so one of my main aims (aside from helping you to achieve your health and wellness goals) is to find what inspires you and makes you feel happiness while training.

After all, without it you are unlikely to continue! 

To allow for more flexibility and to increase accountability I offer a number of training options: 

* Online programming with 1:1 contact included

* Face-to-face training at our Kingsville studio (Inner West Melbourne) for 1:1, buddy or 3:1

* Small group strength circuit classes

* Express HIIT circuit

If you are coming back from an injury, post-baby, want to improve your health, change up your habits, run your first kilometre or 50 in a row I have your back and the guidance to help you achieve it. Working with busy Women, busy mums and shift workers has also become somewhat of a niche. 
I provide personalised rehabilitation, health and lifestyle programming and run coaching.

I use functional training methods and incorporate body weight, resistance, HIIT and circuit style training to keep things interesting and achieve your goals.  

For the highest level of accountability and results, I highly recommend the online training package. There are three tiers available and vary depending on the amount of 1:1 contact. They are a way of having your training individually prescribed, regularly updated and most importantly your progress monitored closely. With the online program options you get access to your coach no matter where you or I may be!

Online programming options are provided in detail below and once you are ready to go just select the relevant button to book or if you have questions please feel free to contact me!

As a way of fitting more locals in to the timetable there is now group classes available as shown in the timetable above!

Groups are small and personalised and the strength circuit is easily modified to suit varying levels of fitness or injury rehab. Our 30 min express HIIT class is best suited to those with some training experience. 

Personal Training

Run Coaching

Taken a break from running, consistently battling injury, returning post-injury or have a life-long goal of running more than the length of the street? If this is you then we’ve got you!

As a Go Run Coach, I am there to help you achieve your running goal – big or small. I will work with you to build the best program to suit your life commitments and your needs. If we need to address epic work hours we will. If we need to work to re-build strength and stability we will.

Whatever is needed for you, we will find it!

Running guidance can also be provided as part of our online and face-to-face programming.

Email now to chat about your goals!

Run Coaching

Wellness Consults

Need some help with structure and putting all the pieces together to live your best life? 


Someone to talk your ideas over with and help you clarify your thoughts? A lifestyle wellness consult could be exactly what you need. As an Exercise Physiologist, wellness coach, personal trainer, & Mum I love helping people achieve all their lifestyle goals.

I work through key topics that can trigger or inspire your interest and we go from there to design your unique plan. I then work with you to plan out the how and the what. And don’t worry I will support you to make changes in bite-size, easy to achieve methods. Let's work out a plan that is EXACTLY designed for you and your unique needs.

Some topics past clients have liked to explore include – reducing the toxic load in the home, natural methods to benefit emotional wellbeing, healthy nutritional changes (habits and hacks), self-care and promoting sound sleep.  

Wellness Consults
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