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If physical and emotional health is important to you, then essential oils may be exactly what you are looking for!
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While oils have been a part of my life since I was a teenager I really started to connect back to them in my late 30’s, just before I became a Mum. I wanted ways to reduce the toxic load in our home and to help with my physical aches and pains. Oils were the natural place to turn, and I have not looked back. I discovered doTERRA Oils and consciously made the decision to benefit our physical and emotional health and wellbeing by including oils in our daily routines!

Now oils also play a part in my families daily life by supporting digestion, supporting big emotions in our little person, cleansing our home, easing sports injuries, nourishing our skin, cleaning our home and helping to stabilise grown-up emotions too.

I have made the choice to partner with doTERRA because they offer the purest, most tested and most potent essential oils available. I trust the quality and efficacy of the oils and know when I am sharing them, you are only getting the absolute best. Other than the first-class quality of the oils another reason I chose to work with doTERRA is that all oils are ethically sourced. The local growers are dealt with directly and fair-trade prices are negotiated along with ways doTERRA can give back and support the local community. Of the over 40 countries (and counting) that doTERRA sources its oils from at least 20 of them are developing nations.

When you purchase your bottles of pure essential oil or wellness & household consumable products you can be confident in knowing you are not only looking after your family but also the family where that oil originated. It really is a beautiful circle of life.

By purchasing your Essential Oils through me you will receive the following:

  • A personal welcome gift

  • Access to our private online community

  • Incredible amounts of education and support

  • Access to easy-to-use resource Apps

  • Ongoing events and learning opportunities

  • And of course… access to me!


When you know, you know – so if this is you then go ahead and place your order here! 

If you are not quite sure what you need then either read on for my tips below or go ahead and drop me a message via the contact link, I’d love to help answer your questions!

-    If you sign up and get your own wholesale account say hello 25% off retail price!
-    With an account, there is no requirement to purchase regularly or to sell oils to others, I promise! 
-    If you choose to do a monthly order you have the opportunity to earn free products and points to spend on your order, again not mandatory!
-    Order when you like, online with shipping directly to your door. Hello simple! 
-    Wholesale membership is FREE with any ‘starter kits’ or you can design your own kit and get 25% off from the get-go by buying your own membership for only $35. Yep, it's that good! 
-    For convenience and for the biggest initial discount most of my customers order a Starter Kit first off

The most popular ones are definitely: 
o    The Home Essentials Kit
o    Emotional Wellness Pack
o    Simple Solutions Kit

Want to put together your own starter kit?! Contact me today to find out how you can get your membership included for free

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