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Kylie Royal Meehan

Kylie is an advocate of wellness in every sense of the word!

Her passion for anything health, fitness and wellness is like a beacon but she also has a strong belief in balance and making the most of life’s opportunities!

Kylie has been in the industry since the late 90’s working as an Exercise Physiologist and Personal Trainer as well as in high-level injury rehabilitation, with elite athletes at the AIS and NTIS and with the general population.

Her heart is most fuelled when working to empower regular people to see just what they are capable of. Amongst her most proud coaching moments was helping one 40 year old client run her first 500m since school and then go on to complete the Uluru marathon. Another was rehabilitating a young client with a horrific knee injury to return to skiing and daily yoga after being told she would be lucky to ever walk without a limp. 10 years on she now lives in the High Country and ski’s or hikes daily!

For her 40th birthday Kylie ran the Great Wall of China Marathon, rather than partying at the pub. But that is not to say she doesn't enjoy a wine or G & T!

Amongst all her personal achievements which include Adventure racing, 70.3 Triathlon's, numerous runs and the Marysville 50km the one that makes her most proud was becoming a Mum in 2018. It was a health and mental toughness journey of its own kind. Learning to balance family life, mum life, work life and training life has been a work in progress but she knows it has made her a better coach and better athlete.

Kylie is also a doTERRA wellness coach who loves to teach and use oils to help benefit her clients physical and emotional health. Her teaching philosophy is to educate clients on how they can best support themselves, their families and live their best lives!

Kylie's aim is that her positive attitude and high level of motivation will rub off on her clients and encourage them to 

strive to reach their goals.

Qualifications: Accredited Exercise Physiologist (AEP), Accredited Exercise Scientist (AES), Level 2 Recreational running coach.

Women are Not Small Men Accreditation, Dr Stacy Sims Educational Program

Mental Health First Aid trained and Peer Support leader (Emergency services sector)


At Fit Well You - You are not just another face in the crowd!

I want to know about you, your personal goals and motivation, your preferences and challenges, and any influencing factors. This formula for success enables us to guarantee the achievement of each individual client’s goals.                           

Success is a combination of:

  • Commitment – If you commit to your goals, I will match that! Together we will find the best plan for you

  • Positive Mindset – Belief and compassion towards yourself is a vital part of achieving results. I will be a constant cheerleader reminding you of this!

  • Exercise – In addition to your committed training sessions you will really need to move in between!  With your direction, I will design a home training program to fit in with your lifestyle and help you achieve your goals. A minimum of 30 minutes per day is what we require, but the bigger the goal the more time we may require!

  • Nutrition – What you eat contributes the largest portion towards achieving a health and wellness goal.  While I am not a nutritionist I have committed 100’s of hours towards my own studies of nutrition. I can help direct you towards the right eating plan and will always refer you on for more qualified assistance if that’s what is needed.

  • Sleep – Want your body to perform at its optimum? It needs sleep - the most powerful recovery method and vital for all our bodies functions. Another one of my favourite topics! Not a great sleeper? Let’s explore how we can improve upon it and maximise the quality of the sleep you get.

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